Who we are

Solvea s.r.l. (solvents, paints and similar products) is an Italian leader factory in the production and commerce of more than 400 painting products and chemicals, which are both destined to the big industry as well as to the final customers and small retailers.

The wide range of the products we can offer comes from a careful study of the market tendencies and from the neverending evolution and innovation in the field of chemical research, which we follow daily in our laboratories.

We constantly express our will to improve throughout our products and always pursue new goals just to be able to satisfy the changing needs of every single customer inside a changing market.
At the same time we are strongly bound to our craftsmanship tradition and background, because it has always been a primary quality of this factory.

We can also boast of a complete water production line, which is completly free of harmful substances and respects the environment ; we can offer synthetic, polyurethan, vinyl and rubber enamels, water paints, high temperatures paints, antirust, epossidic primers and enamels, boat paints, wood primers and enamels, varnishes, paint removers, shellac, catalysts, phosphatizers, solvents, turpentine and other similar products.